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5 Elements of a Perfectly Planned Picnic!

In the GTA, we are used to NOT having the greatest weather throughout the year...all that means is when the sun is here, we are ready to enjoy the great weather to the fullest! Don't believe me? Look up recent event photos on any Social Media app, and you will see the latest Outdoor Event Trend: LUXE PICNICS!!

And you know your girl is ALLLLL about Events that are Pretty, Planned, and Perfect, so I've put together a List of the 5 Items you need to have the BEST Picnic possible:

Here are the 5 Elements of a Perfectly Planned Picnic:

(Say that 5 times fast! haha)

  1. SOME FORM OF SHADE: No, not THAT kind of shade! Not when your best friend's sister goes around telling all her friends that your bestie could never afford her new Gucci purse; that's why she bought the knockoff from the streets in Europe! LOL! The 'shade' I'm referring to here is a lovely retreat that will shield you from the HOT Canadian sun! :) Our suggestions are: Luxe Teepees (as shown above), Tents, or Drapery Setups for fancier affairs!

  2. COMFY PILLOWS & THROW BLANKETS: These items are an absolute MUST for any Picnic setting! Allow your Guests to be relaxed and comfortable as they turn-off their cell phones and leave their real-world worries tucked away for the day! (Ok, maybe an hour...who could actually survive without their phone nowadays? Especially for a WHOLE day?) LOL!

  3. DELICIOUS FOOD & ICE-COLD BEVERAGES: No Picnic is complete without offering food options that allow your Guests to Indulge! Try out unique picnic-style options, such as: grazing tables, charcuterie boards, or individual charcuterie boxes which will be an easy takeaway for each Guest! With the recent surge in picnic popularity, there are many diverse menu options, made to fit all dietary restrictions: Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan, name it, it can be accommodated! And don't forget the ice! (Or, reusable ice packs!) :) There's nothing better than relaxing with your Family and/or Friends in your beautiful Picnic setting, while enjoying a nice cold beverage!

  4. PICNIC TABLE & COORDINATING TABLEWARE: Take the classic family picnic up a notch by incorporating coordinating tableware to make a Guest-of-Honour feel super special! Birthday? Anniversary? New Bride? New Baby? Proposal? There are so many excuses to give someone a Day to Remember! And hey, if there's no particular occasion, we should all just be thankful we have one more experience to enjoy as a family/groups of friends!

  5. ELEVATED DECOR: For those who enjoy the finer things in life, feel free to elevate your Picnic experience by adding in luxurious personal touches! Fancy candles, charger plates, goblets, flutes, bone china...who says you can't have an Afternoon Tea-themed Picnic? Those are two of my favourite things! Host that for me, and I swear, we will be BEST FRIENDS!! LOL!

Thanks for reading this far!

We hope you found this information helpful!

And remember, @CelebrationsBySafia, we encourage you to stay STYLE FORWARD!


If you would like further guidance on Hosting your Perfectly Planned Picnic, click the link to CONTACT US and we will be in touch!!

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