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5 Things you need to know about Hosting an Event in the Current Climate...

It's no secret that around the world, events have undergone many changes in order to adapt to restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One positive change is the introduction of 'Intimate' or 'Micro-Events,' which include a smaller guest count and social-distance friendly atmosphere.

As promised, here are the 5 Benefits of Hosting a Micro-Event:

  1. Extraordinary Venues: One of the greatest benefits is that we are now able to consider smaller event venues which are absolutely breathtaking! Previously, these venues wouldn't have made the cut, since they couldn't accommodate the usual large guest counts. Now, you should definitely consider: rooftop patios, art galleries, museums, and outdoor spaces!

  2. Guilt-Free Guest List: Unlike traditional weddings & events, Micro-Events allow you to shorten your guest list and enjoy the day with the people that matter to you the most! Don't worry, overseas guests will NOT be offended that they are not expected to get into an airplane right now...they will be thanking you!

  3. Intimate Atmosphere: With your smaller guest count, you are now able to interact with everyone at the event and have actual meaningful conversations! Remember those weddings with 200+ guests? The well-intentioned bride and groom spent half the night cascading through the room, painfully holding their perfect smiles and attempting to exchange pleasantries with EVERYONE in attendance! (Of course, this occurred while their dinner got cold and dessert began to melt!) Well, no need for that anymore!

  4. Luxurious Decor: Have fun with all the little details...go ahead and upgrade to those fresh floral centrepieces and fine china place settings you originally had your heart set you only have 4 tables, NOT 40! YOLO, right?

  5. Unique Food Options: Individual charcuterie boxes? Fancy plated service? The options are limitless now that you are unable to use traditional buffet food's hard to imagine the world where we used to eat food that 200+ people breathed on? LOL!

Thanks for reading this far!

We hope you found this information helpful! And remember, @CelebrationsBySafia, we encourage you to stay STYLE FORWARD!


If you would like further guidance on Hosting your Fabulous Micro-Event, click the link to CONTACT US and we will be in touch!

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